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August 19, 2022

Can a Tee Really Make an Impact on Your Drive?

Precision is the name of the game when it comes to golf, and we know that finding a good flightpath is the first step towards achieving improved results. Now there is a golf tee specifically designed to help more golfers find the fairway.

Claiming to be one of the most technologically advanced golf tees on the market, Flightpath Golf Tees offer players a unique combination of features to set them apart from the competition. With an aerodynamic design and an innovative directional arrow built right into the side, this sleek little tee is all about precision. But does advanced polymer technology and a futuristic diamond-shaped design really make a difference when it’s time to tee off?

put to the (Robotic) test

Independently studied by My Golf Spy and robotically tested by Golf Laboratories, Inc., Flightpath Golf tees have been put to the test against the average wooden tee. Here are the claims that were tested:

Increased Launch Angle. The key to hitting farther and straighter is a consistent and smooth launch. Steel shafts, wooden tees, and hand taping all contribute to unpredictable ball performance. 

Decreased Back Spin. Ball spin is a deadly enemy of distance. The ball spins backward when you strike with drivers and irons, hurting overall distance.

Decreased Side Spin. It doesn’t matter how far the ball flies if it’s in the wrong direction. Friction between the ball and tee leads to sidespin and ultimately, reduced accuracy.

Increased Peak Height. For your ball to fly the maximum distance, it must reach a certain height to achieve the optimal landing angle. How high it needs to go depends on the golfer's ball speed.

Increased Maximum Distance. There's a lot of debate around which is more important: distance or accuracy. If Flightpath's claims are confirmed, you shouldn't have to choose.

Other tees make similar claims, but Flightpath is sharing real, concrete data to back up their word. Let's take a look:

The Results Are In

Increased Launch Angle

Flightpath’s patented tee is made with high-performance polycarbonate to last longer and reduce friction off the tee. The head features a built-in 10-degree angled launch platform, which contributes to a higher launch angle than the average wooden tee.

Decreased Back Spin

Flightpath golf tees are specifically engineered to mitigate the natural friction that occurs between the ball and the tee when you swing, reducing back spin - so you never have to trade distance for accuracy. 

Decreased Side Spin

Compared to a basic wooden tee, Flightpath’s lightweight build and unique diamond-shaped head work together to minimize frictional resistance, contributing to a more consistent, straighter flight path.

Increased Peak Height

The tee's launch platform functions like a ramp, allowing your ball to reach new heights over a traditional tee. For maximum frictional resistance, simply set your tee at a 90-degree angle and  point the built-in arrow in the direction you're aiming. swing d at a 90-degree angle for maximum frictional resistance (or tilt it back slightly if you prefer a little extra stability).

Increased Maximum Distance

Flightpath golf tees have changed the game for distance without sacrificing accuracy. By reducing frictional resistance both laterally and centrally, this tee is allowing golfers of all skill levels to increase height off the tee and maximize total drive distance.

Is it legal for tournament play?

Yes! Flightpath tees have been declared rule-conforming by the USGA.

Featured in publications like The Golf Wire, Golf Ball Addict, and Nifty Golf, Flightpath golf tees have been repeatedly proved to go beyond the industry standard to ensure better performance on the course. Combine the innovative design with a high-performance polycarbonate and you have a tee that controls the spin of your ball and helps you deliver consistently longer shots, every time.

In fact, this tee has already been picked up by some pros!

This tee is very popular among up-and-coming college golfers, but one of Flightpath’s most renowned returning customers is Maurice Allen, Volvik World Long Drive Champion, who used this tee to dominate the competition in 2018.

“With my Flightpath tee, I am aimed at keeping the ball in the grid. Cause if you’re not in the grid you can’t win.”
-Maurice Allen, 2018 Volvik World Long Drive Champion

Final Thoughts

There’s no doubt – Flightpath tees are helping golfers around the world find more fairways. With comfortable finger grips and an on-the-go directional arrow built right in to improve accuracy, this is one of the most user-friendly tees on the market.

 “Flightpath is one of the only golf tees ever to prove its performance through robotics testing,” said Daniel Whalen, President of IGP Enterprises, manufacturers of Flightpath. “Flightpath has been proven to reduce ball spin, increase directional control and increase distance compared with conventional golf tees in the market.”

100% made and patented in the USA, Flightpath Golf Tees are available at https://flightpathgolf.com/ and on Amazon. Available in both long (3.25 inches) and short (2.75 inches), pick up an 8-pack today to experience a new level of precision.

FlightPath Golf Tees - 1 Pack
FlightPath Golf Tees - 1 Pack
FlightPath Golf Tees - 1 Pack
FlightPath Golf Tees - 1 Pack
FlightPath Golf Tees - 1 Pack
FlightPath Golf Tees - 1 Pack

FlightPath Golf Tees - 1 Pack

(Each pack contains 8 tees)