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Ball Marker Hat Clip


FlightPath now has Ball Marker Hat Clips. Our ball marker is magnetic so you can clip it to your hat and quick release it on the green.

Father's Day Basic Bundle Father's Day Basic Bundle
On Sale
New Product

Father's Day Basic Bundle

$49.99 $34.99

2 Players Packs 4-2.75" & 4-3.25"

Father's Day Pro Bundle Father's Day Pro Bundle
On Sale
New Product

Father's Day Pro Bundle

$90.99 $64.99

Includes: 4 Boxes FlightPath Golf Tees 16 - 2.75" Tees 16 - 3.25" Tees 1 FlightPath Sport Fan - ($30 value) FREE

FlightPath Golf Gift Card FlightPath Golf Gift Card
New Product

FlightPath Golf Gift Card


Give the gift of better golf   Flightpath gift cards can be used on any Flightpath products.

FlightPath Golf Tees - 1 Pack


 FlightPath is the first directional golf tee engineered to improve your game by reducing ball friction and spin, giving you control to hit balls further in the direction you want. We have reinvented performance golf tees. Drive farther and straighter...

Sport Fan Sport Fan
New Product

Sport Fan


3 Speed Sport Fan USB Charging 4 Hour Battery  LED Lights

Tour Staff Bag Tour Staff Bag
New Product

Tour Staff Bag


Flightpath Tour Staff Bags are the pinnacle of luxury and class. With two unique colors, white/ red and white/ blue, you will look as good as you play. Features: 12 Pockets Premium leather Perfect balance base Rain hood 5 Club compartment dividers...

Tracer Premium Golf Balls Tracer Premium Golf Balls
New Product

Tracer Premium Golf Balls


Our Flightpath Tracer Balls are made with three layers, making them ideal for distance, control, and consistency. They are made with urethane material that enhances spin and provides more feel. Features: 3 Layer premium golf balls High-Speed Compression Core for maximum distance...

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